Bohemian Moon (1999)
A time peace about a love story
12 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Savage Lagoon and I was very pleased with the movie, I liked the music also. The story brought me back to my childhood, to the legends of the underwater creature, which plays a main part like all monsters, in the child's fairy-tale world. This fairy-tale character doesn't eat people, as some can mistake him for, and he shouldn't be compared to any creature from US horrors.Savage Lagoon is a romantic adventure drama genre, with only a touch of a thriller. The main idea of the story that I saw is a true life from that part of the world- the political destiny of aristocrats after WW2 in 1948, and again, the destiny of aristocrats after the revolution in 1989, when they returned back to their roots to reclaim their property, IIona, the grand-daughter of the Count of Rudlov, is an innocent soul, and a dreamer, who meets coincidentally with her third cousin in the land of her ancestors. They fall in love, unaware of their roots, as some people married their cousins in the old days. The guy Yan in spite of learning the truth at the end, comes to protect her and faces death. I found the touch of the ancient legend an interesting idea that makes the story more exciting. Althouht some of the Actors could use some Acting classes, but I still enjoyed it greatly.
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