Dangerfield romps through college for his kid's sake...
7 January 2007
He may be brash, bombastic, crude and uneducated and doesn't get much respect--but RODNEY DANGERFIELD gets just about all the laughs in this travesty of college life in the '80s. He's seen to it that it's full of memorable one-liners that are just as sassy as any he uses in his stand-up nightclub act.

And he's surrounded himself with a cast that really gets into the spirit of things. SALLY KELLERMAN is the vivacious English professor that soon becomes the love of his life; ADRIENNE BARBEAU is his shrewish ex-wife; KEITH GORDON is the son who is not exactly Big Man on the Campus; and ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. is the kind of left-wing activist you can find on any college campus, making the most of a role that he could play in his sleep. For subtlety, if there is any, there's a Dean Martin (NED BEATTY) who allows the uneducated Dangerfield to enter the halls of ivy merely because he's got a pocket full of cash and wants to splurge it on the school's administration, good philanthropist that he is.

It's strictly a funfest for RODNEY DANGERFIELD fans -- of which there are many, judging from the comments here -- but it's an enjoyable romp that has some telling truths to say about a variety of college subjects, all the while injecting its own brand of wild humor on every situation. Clever writing makes it all very enjoyable.
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