One of the worst movies I've ever seen ...
21 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
... and I've seen everything Phil Tucker and Ed Wood directed.

UFO Target Earth is, quite simply, the single most boring movie I've ever seen. It tries to be artsy, but falls flat on its face. It tries to be a mini-2001 A Space Odyssey, but fails again. It tries to be slow and tedious and tries to go nowhere, which is succeeds in spectacularly.

The story is somewhat indecipherable (becoming more so at the end) and the acting is leaden - particularly the star.

The special effects are limited to some lame colors and shapes appearing on a video monitor, a 2001-esque ride to the "beyond" ala a planetarium laser light show, one cartoony spaceship at the end.

I can almost always find something to recommend about a movie, particularly a sci-fi movie, but this one just left me sleepy. Don't waste your time with UFO Target Earth ... and if you had the misfortune to purchase a copy, do your best to get your money back.
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