Review of Eragon

Eragon (2006)
Derivative, but Entertaining
16 December 2006
The clichés are there, the stuff we've all seen before, the stuff derived from stuff derived from stuff derived from original stuff... BUT...

The dragon is convincing.

Jeremy Irons turns in a good performance.

You only want to HIT the young hero, not kill him.

Scenery very beautiful. Foul creatures and filthy villages convincingly foul and filthy.

Heroine in tight gold top suitably winsome.

Battle scene too confusing, but intense.

Best dragon since 'Dragonslayer' or 'Dragon Heart.' And you LIKE this one.

Yeah, recommended. Until Hollywood has the courage to go with the genuinely new stuff or the good old stuff it hasn't used it, a derivative but entertaining mish-mash will do. I'll take stew when I can't get steak.
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