Definitely the worst film ever made
15 December 2006
Oh my lord, I can't believe the rating system here only goes as low as 1 star. I was hoping to give this ridiculous pile of trash a heavy minus but I guess thats life. Where to start? Well, this was originally supposed to be a sequel to the 1983 low budget classic 'The deadly spawn' which for the meagre budget was an exceptional advertisement on how to make a horror movie with a few pennies.

Deadly spawn had decent acing (for a bunch of nobodies) good direction a decent if slightly simple plot and a brilliantly put together monster, not to mention bucket loads of gore. This supposed 'sequel' is amazing, it has none of that. The acting is excruciatingly poor, (I've done better acting trying to bunk a day off of work and failed) the script is unbelievably bad to the point of ridiculam and the rubber 'hand puppet' monster and childlike stop motion effects provide more cringes at how poor they are than scares. There's some blob monster that honestly looks as if it is being pushed around on a stick, I mean, c'mon.

I can't say I have ever seen a horror movie quite this bad and I consider myself a fairly tolerant person. Some films are so poor that they become laughably enjoyable or mildly entertaining and then there's this, which is just downright painful. The thing that makes it worse is that the film had a budget of near $3m almost ten times that of its predecessor. and yet despite being made 7 years on (when effects have supposed to have improved) 'The deadly spawn' makes this film look like a college exam entry.

If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, then avoid this at all costs, however, if you decide to watch it someday, please purchase a pack of razor blades to accompany the viewing. Trust me, you'll thank me for them.
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