The Rockford Files (1974–1980)
Full of great character actors from that era
10 December 2006
A cable channel in England is currently showing the whole of the Rockford Files in sequence on week days (in the middle of series 3 at the moment). As an only slightly reluctant house husband and baby changer in the mornings over the last few months my one luxury has been to see almost all the episodes to date back to back. I enjoyed Rockford as a teenager when it was first broadcast in the late 70's and many episodes again on late night TV in the mid 80's. Seeing them so close together now I am really astonished at their enduring quality. They have not dated at all unlike series like Ironside, Kojak and Starsky and Hutch. They are beautifully shot and the editing and music enhance even the most routine episode. They look so fresh in fact that it is hard to believe that you are watching actors many of whom have long since passed away. One of Rockford's achievements, I think, is that countless remarkable and familiar character actors of the period are captured in their prime. I believe that The Rockford Files will only be held in higher and higher regard in the future.
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