Review of Demonoid

Demonoid (1981)
Demonoid, messenger of deadly boredom!
5 December 2006
All the signs pointed to this being a bad film...but I went ahead and watched it anyway. To its credit; Demonoid is very fast paced, but the credit ends there as despite the plot playing out quickly, the film is still very boring and the swiftness in the story's movement seems to be a lame attempt to mask this. The plot has something to do with a Mexican mine and a possessed demonic hand. Mark and Jenifer Baines are attempting to reopen the mine, but find themselves in trouble when the workers won't go down for fear of an ancient curse. This leads the couple to go down the mine...and guess what? They release an ancient curse. I actually wish they'd listened to the locals and left the mine closed, as then there would have been no reason for this film to be made. The idea of someone's hand becoming possessed and developing a life of it's own was very well used in classic horror Evil Dead II, but here the idea is sadly squandered and unfortunately the best way to describe Demonoid is simply 'damp squib'. As you might expect, I can't recommend this terrible film as there is nothing going for it.
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