Prairie Moon (1938)
Not quite up to snuff...but its Gene Autry.
29 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Gene Autry, on the side of good and the law, is always eager to come to the aid of his fellow man. A bad guy on his last leg asks Gene for one last favor; to be guardian of his three boys. Little did Gene know these orphans are actually Chicago street toughs that want little to do with their inheritance of a ranch in the wild west. Gene and his sidekick, Frog Millhouse(Smiley Burnette), try to make the young guys comfortable; only to find that the three trouble makers have become a small part of a cattle rustling scheme. All, of course, will turn out well...but not until Gene croons "The Girl in the Middle of My Heart" to his love interest played by Shirley Deane.

Credited players include: Tommy Ryan, David Gorcey, Walter Tetley, Stanley Andrews, Jack Rockwell and Ray Bennett.
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