Review of Tickets

Tickets (2005)
Human Spirit
27 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I found myself waiting for something to happen. The first two stories were interesting but not dramatic. The scientist attracted our sympathy because of his humble, dejected air, while his infatuation with his blonde acquaintance - well, I'm sure that many of us have been there. The action which resonated beyond that train was the provision of milk for the baby - such a spontaneous, warm gesture. We then sympathized with the carer who was tired of being bossed around, but this little drama was hardly earth-shattering.

At last, Ken Loach made me respond in a really positive way. The meaning of a train ticket was so different to the two groups of people - important to one group, almost as significant as life itself to the other. And the first group was able to see this. Where the hearts of the viewers went, so did the hearts of those football supporters. Our common human spirit triumphed. What a warm, uplifting message this was.
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