Fantastic Four, Done Right!
30 September 2006
I'm giving this show a solid 10 rating. It's the BEST comic book translation for a wide aged audience that I've ever seen. I wasn't sold on it at first because I was afraid it was going to be Fantastic Four against Doctor Doom every episode, but I've just seen one where they meet the Skrulls and it was VERY entertaining! I'm going to give it a 10 because Marvel obviously is going to go beyond Doom and show the FF against all the great villains they have battled, can't wait for them to go against Terminus, Galactus and all his heralds, plus all the other great nemesis they have. Fantastic Four was a great comic to read when I read them from my pre teens to my twenties and this latest cartoon show shown on Cartoon Network is by far the best version ever on TV. Great show, great superhero team! Marvel is getting smart instead of the cr#p they've put on TV in the past, they have learned their lessons well! I hope an Iron Man, Thor, or an Avengers show will someday come out. Daredevil, Moonknight, or Dr Strange would be nice shows to try out also, I know that name recognition dictates Spiderman (which his recent cartoon on MTV wasn't bad, but it wasn't that true to the strip), and X Men, but I would love to see Marvel try out some of these other characters! Back to FF 2006 version, if your an FF fan (or even just a comic fan) I think you'll really enjoy this show.
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