Review of One West Waikiki

One West Waikiki (1994–1996)
It was a decent show!
8 September 2006
I was at a phase where I was watching lots of shows filmed in Hawaii but I never got into lost because it supposed to represent another island or the jungle. Anyway, I liked Cheryl Ladd in this role and Richard Burgi who is better known to us as Carl, the former husband of Teri Hatcher's character Susan on Desperate Housewives. I liked the show for the scenery, story lines, and guest characters. I don't know why we don't utilize Hawaii's beauty to film television shows and movies. It was shown on Lifetime for awhile but it's gotten lost in the mix along the way. I still would love to go to Hawaii. I guess it's Paradise on earth and I would like to get there someday.
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