This movie is worse than awful.
7 September 2006
If your IQ is higher than the IMDb ranking of this movie, AVOID WATCHING IT AT ALL COSTS.

This movie actually makes me consider requesting "negative votes" on IMDb's scale of 1 to 10. I want the 10 minutes of my life which were wasted fast forwarding through the movie back.

As you can tell by the extreme contrast between voters comments, fundamentalist Christians will LOVE this movie. Calling it Science Fiction is an insult to the genre.

The movie is pure, unadulterated, blind faith indoctrinated salvation bible propaganda. It reminds me of the South Park episode where Cartman makes a Christian rock band so he can get a platinum record, because they'll buy any crap as long as you mention Jesus.

Any intelligent Christian (ha-ha get it - an oxymoron) will also be disgusted by this movie. I wonder how it received funding, then I take a look at the current US administration and wonder why they're not showing this movie in all schools yet.

I actually hated this movie enough to write a comment about it, which says a lot. You know that feeling you sometimes get when bile tries to climb its way back up your throat? Yeah, that's what I felt at the end of the movie.
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