A re-make was made!
9 August 2006
Did you guys know their is a 2004 re-make of this great classic? It was made by a bunch of indie filmmakers in Oklahoma. The only reason I know about it is because I'm a BIG Adam Ropp fan and he starred as one of the crooks. It's on here on IMDb, either type in Adam Ropps' name and go to the title on his actor list or type in "Great Train Robbery" and click the 2004 version. It was a very interesting version because they shot it in black and white; used captions; but had a voice over. Has anyone else seen it?? Adam Ropp and Ford Austin starred as the crooks and what's also very interesting is that an actor by the name of Bret Mix acted in it. Bret Mix is the great, great grand nephew of silent screen star "Tom Mix" who was the biggest star in the world when this movie was made. Tom Mix was bigger than John Wayne and Chaplin both, but he died in a car crash too early for his name carry on.
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