Delirium (1987)
For die hard fans only
2 August 2006
'Delirium' is a disappointing late addition to the giallo cycle which peaked in the first half of the 1970s. Luscious Serena Grandi (who looks the part but unfortunately cannot act) plays the owner of a fashion magazine who becomes involved in a not-terribly-interesting series of murders. There's the usual prowling camera-work and off-kilter set-design common to this genre, but the script is too dull and the performances too by-the-numbers for this to be truly effective. Things are not helped by a truly appalling synth-based score by Simon Bosworth and some ludicrous makeup effects (intended apparently to depict the killer's 'dehumanisation' of his victims. Capucine, in one of her final screen roles, adds a bit of class as a rival magazine publisher.

For die-hard genre fans only – 3/10.
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