Review of Bloody Moon

Bloody Moon (1981)
Franco who?
12 July 2006
I have watched some pretty awful movies but this one... Hmm where to start? When you sit down to a movie like this you know it isn't going to be the best or most professional you've seen, you expect B-movie slasher European horror. You expect bad dubbing. You expect poor dialogue and cheap effects. That's all fine. Usually the expectations fit the movie. I didn't expect to become so mind numbingly bored within the first half hour as to start wishing I would just fall asleep and be done with it instead of hanging on(most likely, in the hope of seeing one more breast on one of the young students). This film is a horror alright. Not scary or thrilling(apart from the odd breast), just absolutely horrible to watch. I am actually looking forward to re-runs of 'Neighbours' after this. AVOID.
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