The most understated climax - delivers a most powerful punch
25 June 2006
Essential to good storytelling are conflict and climax. Win versus lose is so engaging because life means not knowing whether you'll get what you want. It reaches the heights of living when a long struggle is capped by a moment. This movie works when it delivers both conflict and climax. It's so pleasing to see them delivered in wholly fresh ways. Brian is a filmmaker first and a stalker second. Had to be that order, or you couldn't stand to watch this story.

It's great the way he involves his friends. It's great to hear about the threads in his life with her name on them. Here is someone committed to doing something new and unconventional. He bends and breaks rules (maybe laws too) with refreshing self-honesty. You want to see him win. There's no escaping the conflict. This movie makes you wonder, and you have to know: Does he get the date? The best moment is pre-climactic. It sneaks up on you but it's inescapable. I've never seen it done so subtle and so natural. The answer to the conflict comes without words, without action, with hardly motion or sound at all. Watch for it. In his face. And then tell me who shouldn't count their lives in moments like that. Moments when you find out whether you get what you want.
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