The Perfect Neighbor (2005 TV Movie)
Simplistic and Predictable Festival of Clichés
15 June 2006
In Kansas City, the deranged middle-age Donna Germaine (Barbara Niven) stabs and kills her lover, when he calls off their relationship to stay with his wife. Donna uses an excuse to move to the house of her aunt, and she becomes obsessed in their neighbor, the executive William Costigan (Perry King). The sick Donna plots an evil scheme to take William from his wife Jeannie Costigan (Susan Bakely).

This awful rip-off of "Fatal Attraction" is a simplistic and predictable festival of clichés, a typical broadcast TV flick. The flawed screenplay is absolutely silly, the grimaces of Barbara Niven are terrible, and the horrible accent and tune of voice of Perry King are laughable. This is the type of movie that the viewer knows exactly the next step of the script. This film is a pure waste of time and money, better off taking a nap instead. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "O Vizinho Perfeito" ("The Perfect Neighbor")
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