The life of a person who decides to swim the channel and the reason why he wishes to do so.
15 May 2006
This movie, On a Clear Day, was the movie that my mother has been working on for two years. Her name is Dorothy Berwin and she is the producer of this fable. I have met all the characters and have enjoyed learning about how actors get into their characters. Frank does an especially good job at creating a realistic setting. This movie shows that anything is possible and I believe that it is not only the story of swimming the channel, but of relationships within the family. Overall, I have come to the conclusion that you stick with your own problems, and that this movie is a role model for all family situations. Next, I would like to say that this might not be the most commercial movie, but think about it this way; if we always had the same types of movies, none of our views would change and people would not make their own conclusions based on the story, as a result people would not filter the story and break it down so that they can make personal connections, to me that is the point of movies.
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