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Elektra (2005)
Way better than the sum of its parts!
26 April 2006
There is nothing inherently wrong with this movie and the IMDb rating is just plain laughable. For any half-intelligent person there is enough in this film to drag it into the high sixes.

It IS a stand-alone film and has nothing whatsoever to do with DAREDEVIL which was enjoyable synthetic fluff, no more - no less and really served no other purpose than to introduce Elektra.

I'm no fan of Marvel comics either - ANY comics come to that. I left all that behind with dear old Rupert Bear in the early fifties.

ELEKTRA should be viewed simply as a film - not a comic book adaptation. It has plenty going for it. Great cinematography, credible dialog for the most part, state of the art action sequences and heaps of style - something Daredevil did NOT.

Certainly slow in its formative stages - that is what probably alienated attention-deficient audiences worldwide. Once you have to listen AND've lost 2/3 of viewers to start with. Garner and Co can be proud of their work in this film.

It is vastly underrated and well worth seeing - especially for anyone such as I, who steered clear of the thing for twelve months - purely on word of mouth.

If this was the worst film you ever saw in your life - man, you've had a good run!
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