Forgotten little 80's adventure movie
23 April 2006
"Flight Of The Navigator" is a kids movie and as such it has every right not to really make sense. In other words everybody who tries to pick it apart and tries to find plot holes is a hopeless geek who takes things too seriously. This movie isn't even trying to convey a coherent story.

Nonetheless, it is a bit disappointing that after the first very strong half the movie kind of drifts into an amusement park ride with the main character just flying around in the alien ship. That may be fun to watch for kids who also like "Knight Rider", but it's kind of tedious for anybody who's a fan of actual storytelling. Ultimately, it's the movie's gimmicky, but plot less second half that prevented "Flight Of The Navigator" from becoming a box office hit, let alone a classic like "E.T.". That's a bit of a pity since the direction and especially the special effects hold up extremely well to this day and could have made for a much more memorable motion picture.

If you like adventure movies with a nostalgic 80's feel to them, "Flight Of The Navigator" will not fail to entertain you on a Saturday afternoon. Kids between 8 and 13 are going to love it anyway.
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