The Animatrix (2003 Video)
It was far better the way I had imagined, i was disappointed
1 April 2006
My older brother told me most of the stories on the animatrix, he was really enthusiastic about it and in my head the stories ran with a huge luxury of visuals, symbolisms and other things.

Yet my disappointment when i saw the movie was indeed big, most of the visuals on the movie leave a lot to be desired, and in comparison were not as good as anyone would imagine (for example the part were the machines are studying the human body and experiment with the emotions of a guy with little machines and cables, that sounds so much better in anyones head than what it is seen on screen). The stories could really had been a lot better, with stories like "the kid story" being unsatisfying, simplistic and overly cliché (specially the dialog in it).

Not all stories are like that, some do work in their own way, such as the last flight of Osiris, which is visually striking and most importantly, lacks of any sort of pretension.

To be honest, i believe anyone would had made a better movie than this, instead of 9 fairly mediocre little stories. Its an interesting concept, yet it lacks the attention on details, so important, specially for the short stories, and yet lacking here.

I would recommend them for the concepts in the stories, yet not for anything else.
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