Some Reviewers are inaccurate.
20 March 2006
If you take yourself seriously, assume the fact that you like Requim For A Dream so that makes you some highly-prolific intellectual with an acquired taste in movies (i.e., pretentious) this movie isn't for you. If you don't take yourself too seriously, and you can appreciate a good light hearted comedy once in a while this movie is for you. Call it what you will-- cheesy, over-the-top, etc., at face value this movie succeeds. Tony Danza does a good job at playing the loving dad, and the rest of the cast does well also. This movie works well mainly, in my opinion, because of the music. From Bobby Vinton's Venus, to the Kinks, this movie exhibits all sorts of music. It's used appropriately and timely. Overall the movie is a fun comedy. Now, some other reviewers, like the guy who posted on July 7 of 2000 and gave it one star, he just basically ripped his review off Ebert (go to rogerebert.suntimes.com and look the film up if you want proof) so his opinion isn't valid. He probably hasn't seen it. Just to reiterate, you don't have to lower your intellectual standards to enjoy this. If the only way you can enjoy a film is if it is labeled as independent and it has unwarranted nudity and absurdity, you might not like this. If you saw Donnie darko and now you talk down to people when speaking about it because you think you've gone to the far ends of the earth to expose yourself to new kinds of film, then you take yourself way to seriously and give yourself too much credit. If you are like me and you enjoy a vast array of films of all types, then you may like this movie. But if you hate good music you might also hate this film.
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