Necromancer (1988)
Guess what this is..
24 February 2006
Yep, just another trashy horror film. A young blonde college graduate gets raped, then unwittingly utilises the help of a demon to get her own back on her aggressors and anyone else she happens to be upset with. There now follows 85 minutes of ropey special effects and irritating incidental music, as our hapless victim attempts to find a way to make the slaughter stop. Some unintentional laughs lighten up what is generally a tedious affair, with fake blood & guts galore and far too many shots of blokes in their underpants. Of course it also has the requisite female kit-offery in it as well. Yee-ha! Sadly, despite the best efforts of Miss Elizabeth Cayton's double D's, the film is likely to remain as forgotten as New Coke. Or the Millennium dome. Or the Atari Jaguar. Or.. well, I think you get the picture.. 2/10
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