"Missed-a-vampire too"? That's OK...
13 February 2006
Again, the Mr. Vampire series takes another turn with this installment. Rather than vampires as the evil force (as in the first two films), the Taoist priest (Lam Ching-Ying) must take on three demons.

Nothing is really brought from the "Mr. Vampire" film, apart from maybe Lam Ching-Ying's character, (whether he is supposed to be the same actual man is never explained), but it doesn't really matter. The fantasy and horror elements in this film are great.

It has great comedy and great action sequences. The use of the magical and superstitious ideas are fascinating. And the Taoist priest rituals are very entertaining. The fight sequences have that typical chaotic Honk Kong cinema feel, but the continuity is fine and it holds up well to this day - it's sense of humour definitely helps.

It's much better than the second one, and for my tastes, as good as the first but in a different sense - it is not as accessible and requires that you be a least a little familiar with the background of the series, (however shallow that may be).

Skip the second one and treat this as the REAL sequel, I say.
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