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Cyborg (1989)
Hmmm.. I really liked this movie, the whole package was there!
24 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I usually destroy van damme movies in my reviews, but strangely enough this film by Albert Pyun is a classic and deserves recognition. I thought the costumes which people seem to call them were very well created and lots of thought went into every costume. I didn't see one single flaw in the production. I thought the freehanded and airbrushed visual of a deteriorating city at the opening credits was very creative and interesting.

There's something different about this films footage, I cant tell if its the kind of film they used but it seems very contrasty and almost has a grainy kind of look to it but very hard to explain. You'll recognize it as being unique when you see it. The chase scene where van damme fights 2 pirates in a swamp and then gets captured is phenomenal. The camera angles and shots were fantastic, and the crossbow crucifiction only makes it sweeter! haha Van damme hits his acting stride in this movie and really manages to convey the emotion in his revenge. Especially the part where he chops down the cross with his heel to escape his soon coming death.

The best asset in this movie is the well designed apocalypse city sets, and the 2 story abandoned building set complete with pillaging pirates. The music and whatever that cape brandishing maniac was saying was outright terrible but if your not a jerk you'll understand why this movie deserves an eight out of ten.
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