Oh My God This Movie Sucks
13 January 2006
This movie is scary if only because someone actually made it. It is so bad. Bad beyond words, friends. The budget, I've heard, was somewhere around $100,000; my question is, what did they spend the money on? It sure wasn't the movie. The acting is bad, script is bad, direction is bad. Even the props and the locations were awful. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy. I mean it, this is really horrible, even by the normal standards of bad cinema. I think I'm gonna vomit now! Excuse me... Blecch! Okay, I'm back now. Now that all the food is gone from my stomach, I can tell you more about this travesty of a "film." The production value was zero. Everything, and I mean everything, was awful about this movie. The movie is so bad that if I even knew anyone in it I would shoot myself. Does that give you an idea of my thoughts on this movie?
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