Occasional fun with Dick and Jane
27 December 2005
Are we to believe there is insufficient comedy writing talent out there that they have to re-make yet another seventies movie? The original wasn't exactly the greatest crack-up ever filmed.

Carrey tries his hardest to reprise his LIAR LIAR appeal but these days is looking more and more like Anthony Perkins propped up in reception at the Bates Motel rather than a wannabe goof-ball. The film strains for humor in the first thirty minutes or so and despite the odd sight-gag that works, is at best a poor man's THE MASK.

On the credit side, Leoni is very likable and quite obviously she and Carrey had quite some rapport going on location filming. The film lifts in the middle, by the time Dick and Jane sink to the level of suburban mayhem, but it is really too late to save a film that never had the legs in the first place. Tragically with different writers and production team - this COULD have been one of Carrey's best. As it is though, it is merely a passable time-filler despite two scenes that might fairly be described as full-on hysterical.

The less said about the political overtones - the better!
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