Lousy movie - Don't waste your time!
21 December 2005
When I saw the name of this movie my first thought was: Wow! Did they actually get around to making a movie based on the old Captain W. E. Johns books? I had read quite a few of them as a kid, and while the characters were somewhat cardboard cut, the stories usually made some kind of sense and were fun to read. Not so the movie! In fact, about the only thing recognizable was the name of some of the characters... I have rarely seen any book(s) massacred the way this movie manages it (only close competitor must be the old Modesty Blaise flick from the sixties....).

It is clear that the writer knows absolutely nothing about the Biggles universe - and since he is utterly talentless the movie ends up as a complete downer. My recommendation is to avoid any movie with a script written by this writer. Even when trying to look at it as a parody or comedy it fails, since it is not even funny.....

Hopefully they will get around to making a decent Biggles movie at some point - the original stories definitely should make it possible...
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