The screen played crap.
5 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this little nothing some months ago. As a struggling law student, I often rent and watch budget cinema because it's good background noise and it doesn't matter if I'm studying during it because I won't miss anything anyway. This flick was no exception to the general rule. It starts off with a guy and girl finding a diary (after having a little basement bam-bam) and reading about how the guy's family has a curse on it where the first born male becomes a vampire. Cut to some time in the past (I think, it wasn't really well defined what time the main part of the story was supposed to be taking place in) when this brat's uncle was trying to get the kid's father(?) to hook up with some young ladies. They come to the house for dinner, complete with drugging one of the young lasses to be used by uncle in a ritual to stop the vampirism (I don't know what the hell they were thinking when they wrote this). There's some pointless psychic's babble, a few gory scenes and no plot.

For God's sake, don't watch this unless you can spare a few brain cells or have a twelve pack that needs to be drunk in about an hour and fifteen minutes (maybe I should have tried watching this thing drunk).
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