The Angry Beavers (1997–2001)
One of the last of the greats
29 November 2005
After this show, and some of Cat-Dog, Nickelodeon went to complete pot.

The randomness is amazing, and how often little inside jokes or notes got slipped in was awesome. I remember one episode, early on, where Norbert and Dagget are reading the mail, and Norbert says something about "Hey Dag, listen to this.." then goes on to say something about how Richard Horovitz had just been blessed with a ..daughter? (it's been a long time, i forgot which) and Dagget, says "that's great...who's Richard Horovitz? That line from Dagget stuck with me as funny because I had just started to understand the world of voice- overs and the actors behind my favorite cartoons, and i had just learned that Richard Horovitz was Daggets voice-artist.

But inside jokes and notes aside, this was one of the last great things Nickelodeon produced. The animation was wonderful, the humor was subtle but it was funny enough. Witty and down right smart ass quips, more thinking mans humor, The first cartoon to aim strictly at and above 10 year olds..I was 11 when it first aired, and loved it, my brother was 7 and didn't get it for a second. So, it doesn't have the universal appeal of some of the other shows, it's truly a great show, and needs to be on DVD.
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