Breaking one of the most fundamental laws
22 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the few movies that left me completely unsatisfied in every way. Not only does it have one of the worst endings in history but it also breaks one of the fundamental rules of horror (i.e never use the same method of death twice). This film contains, for all intents and purposes, only one murder repeated THREE TIMES!! The first time is all well and good but once the repetition started I lost interest real quick. The only thing for me which kept the film interesting was the complete incompetence of the police in catching a killer who finds his victims in clubs by asking anyone who crosses his path if they know any 'really evil' women (slightly suspect to say the least). His flagrant over-use of the word 'evil' is both comical and annoying in equal measure, especially since the women he ends up with are far from it. And how do the police trace this 'Lurch' like character who sticks out like a sore thumb (dressed in a three-piece suit in a night club and flashing money to all) and who could not possibly be mistaken for anyone else? Not by his face, voice, obvious wealth or general demeanour. Not by the scores of people he spoke to or those who actually hooked him up with the victims. They trace him through the flimsiest, luckiest of leads when a Chinese delivery boy they speak to, purely on the off-chance recognises a f**king ring. Hilarious in completely the wrong way. The hilarity coming not from the film but by the thought that someone actually conceived this piece of crap. A mind numbing experience and a waste of good time.
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