In July (2000)
Lovely road movie, and much better humour than those supposedly amusing Hollywood failures
26 October 2005
To be honest, I was a little afraid in the beginning, as the movie seemed to be somewhat mainstream after reading all those praising comments from all over the globe. Plus, in some movies, the director loses the end of the thread easily because he thinks the cast will catch it for him, and the cast on this one is downright excellent. But anyway, I watched it, and I liked it.

No trust-the-cast-and-do-a-lousy-job error by the director (I've seen his Kurz Und Schmerzlos and Gegen Die Wand, VERY promising guy!), and no mistake by anyone except for the silly physics mistake in the beginning. But hey, who cares? This is art, not science! Mehmet Kurtulus and Moritz Bleibtreu are among my favourite European actors, and now Branka Katic (what a goddess!) and Christiane Paul (cute, pretty, sexy, and talented!) are added to the list. Everyone else is also doing good, but these ones stick out. And I have big words for Moritz and Mehmet.. What is the best attainable status for an actor? (Definitely not acting in lame Hollywood flicks) Whatever it is, they deserve it. Like.. If the best footballer is one that could play for Barcelona or Milan, these guys are at that level for an actor. See their other movies (e.g. Der Tunnel and Das Experiment), and you'll agree.

One thing I'd like to point at is the humour. Comparing the subtle humour in this film (which is classified as a light romantic comedy) to the stuff in those Hollywood flicks (that are supposed to make you laugh your a*s off), I really feel sorry for American people and their followers. If you are one of those who think an obese guy accidentally sitting on a cake and painting everyone's face with creme is exhilarating, do a favour to yourself and the art of cinema, and refrain from watching "Im Juli".

"Im Juli" is an excellent romantic comedy, which catches every point that the lousy "Love Actually" misses. The director and the cast constitute the ultimate gift for both Turkish and German cinema, and I hope to see more of their works together or separately.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who put effort into the making of this heart-warming masterpiece.

9,5 / 10
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