The Sopranos (1999–2007)
brilliant...for the first 2 seasons
17 October 2005
Brilliant show for the first 2 seasons. I can recall a time when I couldn't wait for Sunday nights to see the further exploits of my favorite fictional made man Tony Soprano and his interaction with his family and his job trying to balance the two. The writing was superb, the characters were all exquisite and the episodes were among the best on TV. Then quite a bit of the magic of the show died when Big D got whacked. It was never the same, I kept watching and hoping though. Season 3 was just alright nothing compared to the first 2 amazing seasons. Season 4 I choose to stop watching about three quarters of the way through. It was awful soap opera BS. They turned one of my favorite shows sour. Gold had been turned into manure. But by than I had the immaculate "the Shield" to cushion the fall. I went away and never looked back. Season 5 may have been good for all I know. I don't care either. The Sopranos is dead to me, they just haven't had the decency to bury the body in the Medowlands yet.

My grade for Seasons 1 & 2: A+

Season 3: C+

Season 4: D
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