What a horrible, horrible movie--it tries way too hard
15 September 2005
First, for those of you who are interested in this because of Quentin Tarantino, take heed that his work on the "film" is only that of an actor, not writer or director. To make things worse, he has the best performance of the movie. While the rest of the cast seems solid on paper, it would help matters if they weren't all phoning in their lines (even Bobcat Goldthwait fizzles). The movie tries to be a quirky indie a la Pulp Fiction, but aside from the horrid acting, it also features poorly written lines and scenes so painfully bad (it's not often I encounter a scene intended to be comical turn into unintentional comedy) that you'll wonder what kind of person directed this. The answer to that is simple: someone with no other directorial credits--for good reason!!
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