An army of five
6 September 2005
The worst film I've watched in the last months, but I gave it 3 points anyway as some scenes are so bad they become hilariously funny! First, you hardly ever know if a scene takes place during day or night, as the brightness changes rapidly from one second to the next. Second, archive footage is copied into the film which doesn't fit at all, obviously it was shot at different locations. Some of it is even horizontally mirrored, so you must read (for example) the airport's name backwards. Third, the action scenes. No-one takes cover when somebody shoots. Stand upright and fire back, that's the spirit, and surprisingly one shot can kill 4 enemies simultaneously. Fourth, during most of the movie the main actress is running around in the nude for no reason at all. Fifth, the story is not convincing, mildly put, when 5 mercenaries take a trip to Libya with the police, a whole army and tribes of nomads standing against them. "Strategia", which the original title suggests, is unheard of. This is so bad - but if you have watched enough serious war movies before and want something to relax and have a good laugh, why not try this one. Besides, Richard Harrison with his good old mustache and the iron man Gordon Mitchell are always cool.
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