Barney & Friends (1992–2009)
Good show for kids!
1 September 2005
I always caught this show on television every now and then. The show was put together and written well and the people that was on show was good. I am surprised that this show has aired in TV for such and great length of time. Barney and Friends was/is one of the most watched by the youngsters. The show would have like little teachings for them in various formats for them such as animated and such. There is some funny stuff on this show. I would only recommend this television show to young kids because of its educational value unless the adults are interested in seeing the child actors and the hilarious characters or if you want watch something you haven't seen for a long time as young boy or girl then this can bring memories back from the past make you feel like your a kid again. If that is the case then I recommend you watch this show!
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