Review of Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam (1996 Video)
This movie is a great classic horror movie
30 August 2005
If you are the type of movie lover, who appreciates a film for what it is, and not what you expect it to be. Or, just love stupid horror movies where within three minutes you know who is going to die, then "Uncle Sam" is your movie.

"Uncle Sam" is first and for most a campy horror-slasher flick. For some unknown reason Sam Harper, who died in Kuwait, rises from the dead when his body was returned home after being MIA for three years. He goes on to cause all sorts of murder and mayhem. Now really, how could you not like that. "Uncle Sam" makes absolutely no attempt to be anything more then that. It has all the classic elements: nudity, axes to the head, and best of all a really freaky looking slasher who looks surprisingly like the guy from "Tales From the Crypt." It is the perfect dumb horror movie, and if you are the type of person who likes stupid, bad, b-movies, then this is a great one.
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