Unsatisfactory comedy
28 August 2005
After playing a sexy interior decorator in "Pillow Talk", Doris Day went back to being homespun in "Daisies", and it's a defeatist move. With her blonde hair darker and swept back in a French bun, she's sweet and homey to her four kids, loving to husband David Niven, but where's the feisty Doris we all know and love? Based on Jean Kerr's book, Niven plays a theater-critic who capitulates on a personal review about a sexy actress, finding himself the Flavor of the Month. The kids are amusing brats, and the opening scenes in New York City have bounce, but the second-half on a ramshackle estate is dire--and so is the title song. It's a disappointment for Day's fans; she's wonderful as a sharp city woman, and she gets off a few good asides here, but bucolic doesn't do much for her, and there's little chemistry between she and fidgety Niven. ** from ****
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