Blood Sabbath (1972)
70's exploitation really doesn't get sleazier than this!
23 August 2005
Wow…what a piece of trash this movie was! Weird, amateurish and totally incoherent from start to finish, "Blood Sabbath" is not much more than an excuse to show naked chicks dancing around a sacrificial altar, led by the supreme D-cup witch Dyanne Thorne. Not one sequence in the entire movie makes the slightest bit of sense and everything looks so poor it almost becomes pitiful. The film introduces a former Vietnam soldier who's hiking through the woods and, all of a sudden, he's assaulted by a troop of exhibitionist hippie-girls that want to rape him (the poor, POOR guy!!). He flees and wakes up by the side of a river where yet another gorgeous girl awaits him. This time, the passion is mutual but apparently this girl is sort of like "owned" by the local witch coven and, in order to be with her, the dude has to donate his soul to witch-queen Alotta. "Black Sabbath" remains remotely intriguing up until the ceremony where our 'hero' loses his soul… After that, it totally turns into an incomprehensibly psychedelic mess with pointless story-twists and laughable red herrings. The main character constantly suffers from Vietnam-flashbacks but they're completely irrelevant to the story and Alotta enjoys decapitating priests and performs erotic dances in front of the rubber head that doesn't even look like the guy! This sure may looks like a must-see exploitation gem but in reality it's an unendurable and boring movie. The view of the witches dancing naked is not even sexy, since they all have more pubic hair than King Kong! Avoid!
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