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Get Backers (2002–2003)
One of my favourite anime series of all time
13 August 2005
Like sowbi, I too came across this series completely by accident. I turned on the TV one day and started channel surfing, and suddenly saw a new channel -- "Animax" -- with these two guys with cool powers fighting off a few thugs. The voice acting was pretty laughable, but the series captured my imagination. I started watching from the "Venus di Milo" episodes, missed quite a bit, then watched around 47 of the 49 episodes almost religiously! As I said, the voice acting was pretty laughable. However, it wasn't because the actors were bad. It was laughable for the simple reason that Animax appears to use the same three or four actors to do the voices for every single character in every single series. The actors themselves are extremely talented -- they'd have to be, in this situation! -- but it's a little weird to hear one of the villains being voiced by the same guy who gives the voice for one of the heroes (no, they're not supposed to be related or anything like that).

Get Backers is, as mentioned earlier, one of my favourite anime series. The cast of characters is amazing. Every single character encountered is fascinating. The animation isn't all that great; the art is quite inconsistent. However, far from dragging the series down, it actually improves on it by lending it personality. Also, the series ending (which has a fairly long buildup) is probably the most well-executed ending I've ever seen.

In closing, let me voice my only complaint: Get Backers only lasted for one season of 49 episodes. I want more!
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