Monstrosity (1987)
Could've Been A Classic!
26 July 2005
Monstrosity is a terrible film. Every aspect of it is poorly executed. But the real problem with Monstrosity is that about 20 minutes into the film, it becomes a self-aware, over-the-top comedy. It's much more entertaining to watch a film genuinely attempt something that is so absurd and awful than watching one that is aware of it's shortcomings and essentially gives up. Monstrosity concerns a group of young men, one of whom's girlfriend has been brutally raped and beaten and THEN killed by the same assailant in her hospital room (making for a crazy, distasteful, ultra-violent first 20 minutes). The young men (mulletts and 80's getup included) decide to make a golem/frankensteinesque avenger. When the avenger finally comes to life, it's a ridiculous giant retard with a gorilla's arm and red afro who murders bad guys with an ax. There are some funny jokes in the film, along with the occasional bad taste moment making the film feel sort of like a cross between Blood Sucking Freaks and a poorer man's Toxic Avenger. The film does offer a glimpse of 80's Hollywood, funny hair, and almost non-stop repetition of one of the most annoying music cues in history (listen closely, there's a metal guitar solo going nuts underneath that music cue). All in all a worthwhile watch as you aren't going to find many films like MONSTROSITY.
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