Possum and Mr. Wills
5 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
My favorite relationship in the film is Possum and Mr. Wills. He's so bitter because he assumes everyone will treat him different because he is blind. Possum misses having a father figure in the house-you note she went to Mr. Wills excited and fearful for her brother's punishment for smoking. And Mr. Will's first concern when the tornado winds blew open the window on the second floor was that Possum was OK. The moment when Mr. Wills nervously calls for Possum is frightening, as you assume she didn't make it, seeing the small, scared hand grasp Mr. Wills you breathe a sigh of relief as he does and he finds himself in the position of being the comforter, strength not being a weak blind man-and he actually allows Possum to lead him to the storm-not fighting someone offering help. Amazing to me, even now......
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