Lost in translation
16 June 2005
"What The 'Bleep' Do We Know" is a sort of quasi-documentary offering the thoughts and musing of a bunch of egg heads about lofty subjects from quantum physics to neurobiology to the nature of God, the universe, etc. all built around a day in the life of Marlee Matlin whose experiences parallel or are analogous to whatever subject the film is meandering through at the time. A vague and qualitative amalgamation of dramedy, pundit discourse, and special animated effects, this flick doesn't fit any particular genre, ask more questions than it answers, and is apparently a lame attempt to get people thinking big thoughts as it reaches from contemporary science into the realm of pseudophilosophical intellectualizing. Not particularly entertaining or educational, "What The.." might have some value for middle school or high school science nerds. (C+)
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