Review of Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes (2001)
Surprisingly good for J.Lo's film
27 May 2005
I urge everyone to distrust the low rating this film got on IMDb and try and see it somewhere. Perhaps, you will be surprised to find what a solid and impressive drama "Angel Eyes" is.

Jennifer Lopes is notorious for a bad choice of films she plays in with her rather limited acting ability. But this movie is a nice exception. Here, she is very comfortable in the role of a slightly boorish and internally disturbed policewoman and, with this performance, she really hits the mark. Her co-star James Caviezel also gives an excellent portrayal of a man who is recovering from the loss of his family.

The storyline itself is well-rounded, consistent and believable, leaving no blurred moments or gaps. Although the assumptions of the film may seem too melodramatic, in fact the film is not in the least cheesy or mushy. On the contrary, what we see is a very realistic and uneven development of a relationship between two complex characters with an open (not sleazy happy) ending. The message of the film is also very sound and clear - life is not a smooth simple line and you never know what will take you to your destination.

The film delivers this message softly and is, definitely, worthy of your attention.
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