A film to fear
4 May 2005
...but my only fear was that it would never end.

I love eurohorror, and I adore zombie time wasters like Tombs of The Blind Dead, La Notti Del Terrore and Lucio Fulci's zombie flicks. But this...this... I don't know how to write this so it won't end up one of those reviews where you end up wanting to watch the film just because the reviewer thought it was so enormously bad. But trust me. This one is bad-bad not entertaining-bad. Partly because it holds no hints of irony, and is technically well done enough not to end up cheesy. In the end it's simply mind numbingly dull.

I won't go into details on the story seeing as so many has already commented on it, suffice to say it's no understatement that it holds no immediate logic. And as far as zombies goes, they only appear in the last half an hour, which by the way seem to go on for ever and ever, due to the fact of unbelievable slow pacing. Also much of the time scenes repeat upon themselves, even the death scenes, but mostly the film grinds to a halt because the actors(if you can call them that) only stand around looking at each other or the surroundings for minutes and minutes on end. The only reason I sat through Zombie 5 - Killing Birds was because I was waiting for the zombie birds, which I naively enough thought would appear at least once. But even there I was disappointed.

I never thought I would say this, but you are better of re-watching Zombi 3. At least that one boasts some proper zombie birds and elementary gore.
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