More humble beginnings
15 April 2005
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A serial killer by the name of The Black Angel is on the loose in a college campus,slaying girls or boys without discrimination.College party animal Jimmy Scott (Kevin Costner) falls under the heavy eye of Detective King (William J Kulzer) a short-fused,foul-mouthed detective driven by his own personal needs to track down the killer on account of his own daughter's savage killer not being found years before.But when Judy (Elizabeth Trosper) one of the sexiest girls on the campus starts getting heavy breathing phone calls,it looks like she may become the next target if King can't find the killer in time.

Kevin Costner makes an early film appearance as the prime suspect (long before the days of Dawson's Creek this was obviously one of those pioneer movies that cast actors about ten years too old to be playing college students in their roles.)He gives a terrible performance like everyone else,but then he was probably having his daydreams of staring in epic tales of epic frontiers and district attorneys who root out presidential assassins,unlike the other stars who just faded into oblivion after this film was made (there seem to be a few who think Costner should have done the same,but,there you go...) The film was made in 1986,but looks more like it was made in 1976.The dodgy lighting and wooden sets are here in all their glory,obviously a very low-budget effort all round.Yep,this is definitely another one of those 'before-they-were-famous' efforts that linger at the back of the CVs of stars like Costner like flies on sh*t.*
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