Deligthful movie for the young ones (and the grown-ups too!)
14 March 2005
I saw it years ago, before BETA system was erased from the earth, and I still sing the songs from time to time. It is like a weird cross between Mary Poppins, Herbie and fragile rock. It was really amusing and as I said, with some catchy songs. Maybe the special effects are a little bit old-fashioned, but I am sure it is now as charming as it was then. I remember, maybe, the good being too god and the bad guys being too bad but, after all, it's supposed to be for kids!

It's also one of those real image movies from Disney, a little bit forgotten, I don't know why. When home video was striking the world, many titles as this one were released, and now with the DVD explosion, some interesting movies, just like this one, seems to be passed by. I think this is much better than "lizzie McGuire" and all that "princess Disney" stuff and things like that. At least, a movie like "the gnome-Mobile", does say something, not just "hey! be cool and buy clothes" when you read between the lines.

  • Jimina Sabadú
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