A bird in hand is worth more then... this movie
12 March 2005
Robert Vaughn plays a Vietnam vet recently returning from the war only to find his wife in bed with another man. So he kills both of them and their friends before a bird takes his eye out. Flash forward two decades, and a group of students go off to study birds. Horrid acting, unsympathetic characters, lackluster plot, lack of action and insipid plot all combine to make this one to miss. Some day in the future when aliens visit Earth and see the landfills filled with films like this, "BASEketball", "Joe's Apartment", "Pootie Tang", "CHUD 2", and "Witch Academy", they'll get the wrong idea of Vaughn's worth as an actor.

My Grade: F

DVD Extras: Interview with Robert Vaughn; Picture Gallery; behind the scenes of "Flesh for the Beast" (yea, i have no clue why it's on this disc either); Theatrical Trailer; Trailers for "Flesh for the Beast", "Black Demons" and "Zombi 2"
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