Not even an ultra low budget horror movie to laugh about...
11 March 2005
I'm almost sure that this didn't get a theatrical release. It's so bad it's bad; not to laugh about or feel pity for it.

The acting is terrible; it's so bad that even the accent of the main actresses is horrible. The situations are slow and boring. There's little action in the movie but it's so cheesy that you can't tell if it's intended to be funny. The demon is laughable! those red eyes are pathetic. The serial killer ghost suddenly appears and tells things about darkness and it's power.

"The Stay Awake" is a prime example of how low budget horror movies shouldn't be made. Pathetic f/x, horrible acting, terrible direction and worst of all there's no connection between the events.

Please avoid this one at all costs. There's nothing good about it... There aren't even attractive women.

Horrible movie to boot to the trash can! You better rent a direct to video horror flick from the early 2000 rather than watch this. Any Full Moon Pictures movie is way superior.
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