Review of The Pit

The Pit (1981)
What the heck!!! Big Spoilers!! But everyone knows about em anyway!!
14 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers

This flick was just weird and boring at the same time--- these 4 troll like monsters live at the bottom of a big hole or pit- hence the name- Sammy snyders has this teddy bear that talks- which actually sounds like Sammy snyders voice but with a echo- could be the teddy bear was like a "mirrored reflection of Jamie" of who he was talking to-- anyway Jamie leads all mean people to this big pit-- and instead of not walking AROUND the pit- they just drop themselves in- this was more like a long episode of "Gooesebumps".. not scary except for 2 years old maybe--- the monsters looked liked 4 people in hairy ape costumes-- there are a few shots of female anatomy which could of not been needed....VERY WEAK horror
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